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Autism Care and Support

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What is autism?

Autism impairs the ability to interact with others. This disorder is also recognised as autistic disorder or pervasive developmental disorder. Heartland Health offers support services for autistic patients in England.

Social-interaction difficulties

People with autism face difficulty in engaging with people. They may not be able to comprehend another person’s actions in certain situations and find it difficult to create new relationships. Moreover, understanding non-verbal commands can also be a challenge for them.

At Heartland Health, we help individuals understand verbal and non-verbal commands. We encourage them to participate in discussions where they learn to communicate and interpret the responses of other people.

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Impaired language

People with autism can find it challenging to talk, which means they can have difficulties expressing their ideas. However, at Heartland Health, we provide all the support they need so that they don’t lose their confidence. We encourage them to communicate and teach them how important it is in order to share their views, concerns, feelings etc.

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How do we help?

We support individuals who need help in carrying out their daily tasks. We offer various support packages, helping people with their disability in various aspects of their life. Whether it is education, social life or vocational skills, we enable them to achieve a more progressive and secured future.

Every case of autism is unique and different in its own way. Helping people with disabilities by providing them with the tools to cope with their everyday challenges is exactly what we do. We work together to encourage people to live a positive life with our motive and vision revolving around the idea to enhance their capabilities.

We make sure that autistic people are comfortable around us. We involve them in activities so that they share their views and ideas and become more socially connected with each other.